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Berkeley County Chamber of Commerce

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Hey, just wanted to pass on to you that you have Raving Fans!!

Bob was so incredibly impressed by your company today that he called me to tell me what took place. Of course, he's new with us, but he really sees now what level of customer service that we need to provide customers these days to compete out there. His first few days of training, as with just about anybody, was not about going out there and slashing prices just to get the business, advertising 'lowest price in town' like some of our competitors do. It's about service and what kind of experience did we give our customer. Did we make their day??? Well, you've got it!!!! Or I assume you do, if you train your people the same way. When you were out the other afternoon, Judy stepped up and did the best she could to help us. And then Jeremy today, WOW!! You must feel really lucky to have people like that on your team.

Ya' know, my guys have said before over the years - 'Hey my friend works at this graphics place and said he could print some new business cards for me', etc.... and I say, Nope, I will e-mail Kimberly and Ross will do it. Bob figured out today why I pass by so many printing places in Mt. Pleasant and right down the street from us in N. Charleston to do business with y'all.

Apparently, your guy, Jeremy, really made an impression on Bob, not only on behalf of RSA, but also as an inspiration for what kind of customer service that Bob could provide as a Sales Rep. Some of the things Bob has witnessed us, at CNT, do for customers is right in line with that. I'd like to thank you and your staff, especially Judy and Jeremy, for demonstrating how great all of us really can be.

~ Aleta (CNT)


Thank you so mcuh for your help, effort and trust.
We hope to continue doing business with you in the future.

~ Sue M. (Portside Baptist Church)


Thank you very much for the extra special attention and visits you made to earn registration for FestiVELO de Charleston, 2007. The results are exactly what I had in mind. I am very limited with computers and with artistic layout, to say the least. You were keenly able to reach inside my mind and grasp what I had in mind. I very much appreciate your dedication to our fundraiser. These registration cards are the first and lasting impression that our participants will have until they attend our event, which is five months away. We are enjoying record sign-ups due to your awesome product.

~ Charles M. Fox (FestiVELO de Charleston)


Thank you so much for your donation of printing, might I add in color, for the 2007 Yom HaShoah memorial observaqnce program. Your contribution helped to make the program a success and for that we are grateful. The invitations and the programs looked exceptional. Moreover, you and your staff did an outstanding job on printing materials.

Charleston is truly a better place because of generous business owners like you. You are an asset to the community and these programs were the most beautiful materials yet. Thank you again for your continued suppot and generous donation. I look forward to working with you again in the near future.

~ Lara Leroy (Director, REMEMBER Program)


The City of North Charleston Fire Department was honored to host the Southeastern Assoc. of Fire Chiefs 85th Annual Conference at the Embassy Suites Charleston Area Convention Center from June 17- June 22,2013.


On behalf of the City of North Charleston Fire Department, I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent customer service and professionally designed programs. We appreciate your continued assistance with our printing needs and value our working relationship. Thank you so much!

~Gregory A. Bulanow (North Charleston Fire Chief) & Karen Bosart


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