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This item will contain a lot of information. You are asking for a committment from the receiver to spend some time reading this. It should be attractive, yet functional. Information must be easy to read and find.



Catalog Options:

Saddle stitched booklets can be almost and size up to approx. 80 pages. For larger books, we can coil bind, perfect bind or drill and place in 3-ring binders.

Keep in mind:

Binding method will affect the margins between text and edge of page. This should be considered before doing the design. Also – if you plan on mailing at bulk rate, be sure that you address panel is in the correct location.


Graphic Design Templates & Resources

Click Here to download our graphic design templates

Design Notes:If you will be supplying artwork for order, please provide a sample with your request for quote. This will help us determine if there are any conflicts between your art and specs.